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Target For Today
Bombers Over the Reich, 1942 - 1945
Designer: Steve Dixon & Bob Best

TARGET FOR TODAY is a solitaire game that recreates American's Daylight Strategic Bombing Campaign against Nazi Occupied Europe during the Second World War. Considerable research, including review of many oral histories gathered from veterans who flew heavy bombers in the Daylight Strategic Bombing Campaign was done to make Target For Today! function as closely as possible to reality. The game was designed to provide YOU, the player with the ultimate gaming experience depicting the same types of events and decision making processes experienced by our veterans who flew the real-life missions.

Now, YOU are in command of an individual bomber on an individual mission over Hitler's Third Reich -flying either the B-17F or G Model Flying Fortress or the B24D, or J Model Liberator bomber. A series of individual missions are strung together in the campaign game to form the player's tour of duty. Just as it was in real life, the objective of the game for the player is to survive your tour of duty so you can rotate home.

The US Army Air Forces suffered one of the highest casualty rates of any branch of the military services including the US Marine Corps during World War II. The heavy bomber groups of the 8th Air Force flew a combined total of 10,631 strike missions over Europe during the period of this game. The 8th Air Force lost 4145 bombers on these missions. Surviving your tour of duty could be difficult!

TARGET FOR TODAY is an advanced update of Glen Frank's classic game B17, QUEEN OF THE SKIES. Some familiarity with that game is assumed, but "TARGET FOR TODAY" is a completely new game -you do not need to own B-17, QUEEN OF THE SKIES to play it. New tables are included and the rules are organized according to the sequence of play in any typical mission. TARGET FOR TODAY is designed so that each individual mission is fast and easy to play. The campaign game that comprises your tour of duty offers the player a game that is rich in detail, making the game as realistic as possible while still remaining playable.


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    Almost perfect

    Posted by Scott Richardson on Dec 5th 2023

    This is a great game. True to the original, and the components are top notch. There are some additional rules I really like, especially the expanded target lists. I feel like there could have been a comprehensive player aid flow charting the entire game play, and some information could be presented a little better. For example, the amount and order of die roll modifiers for each zones fighter waves roll were pretty convoluted, and the to hit DRM's suffered the same issue. The original Avalon Hill stuff, while not as many DRM's, seemed better presented. Overall though, this is still a classic and will remain on my desk for a long time. Thanks for the update.

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    Great Game and Great people at Legion Wargames

    Posted by Michael Simone on Mar 28th 2023

    This is my style of game with all of the charts giving me the detail and recording results that I love in a board game. More of these types of games for me please. I also wanted to say that the shipping from Legion was first rate. Well packaged!

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    Getting into it

    Posted by Gerry Hiebert on May 18th 2022

    I got the game recently and am just playing my first mission to familiarize myself. I love the artwork, the physical parts of the game are high quality! The game is a bit overwhelming to begin because there are SO many charts, but with time I think it will get easier to navigate and flow pretty smoothly. The rules leave something to be desired (that cost the 1 star in my rating). They're written with a nice flow so that you read a section, take those actions, read the next section, actions, etc. But I don't find them particularly clear and feel I'm guessing a lot. I trust playing multiple games with help it make sense. One glaring omission is a game flow chart!! Fortunately I found one created by a 3rd party that I downloaded. Without that, I'd be overwhelmed trying to figure out and remember what needs to happen next, what chart do I need, etc. Not sure how Legion hasn't added this in subsequent releases. I'm also leaning into some online tutorials to help get a sense of the flow. Although I've just stared my first mission, I expect to get a lot of enjoyment out of TfT! All the charts and dice rolls should ultimately create a great narrative experience with lots of surprises, and a better understanding of what USAF crews experienced in WW II. This is my first game by Legion, but based on this I've already ordered Aces of Valor. I'm impressed by the quality of their product.

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    Highly detailed, but tedious

    Posted by Patrick on Oct 13th 2020

    I've only played two missions but will probably not play again. The concept is brilliant. I really wanted to be immersed in the drama of a bomber mission, but it didn't happen. I was too busy rolling dice and flipping between multiple books of tables to obtain inconsequential die roll modifiers. Record keeping was another chore, especially since I was filling out several separate log sheets that had numerous redundancies. The rules are simple and well-explained. Game play does not involve making many decisions. Basically, you are just hoping to survive all the die rolls that comprise the mission. The game is clearly a work of love, given the amount of detail included. The counters are large and attractive. You will need fair amount of space while playing to accommodate all the books of charts and tables. Set-up and pick-up are quick and painless. Everything fits back in the box. I found several B-17 sound tracks on Youtube to play as background ambient noise.

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    i recomend this game

    Posted by Bruce Williams on Sep 20th 2020

    I was annoyed earlier when this game did not arrive for two weeks, the problem of the world that we live in. I bought target for tonight as I have always been interested in Bomber Command. I recommend any books by Martin Middlebrook on this subject.( actually anything he writes on usaaf in his Histories as well) Both games arrived beautifully packaged and full of detail. ( well done 10 out 10). it is interesting of how both games played. the individual bomber stream method of Bomber command, limited visibility and radar being crucial versus day light ops by the American airforce and you captured both brilliantly. the difference in the was german fighters operate. In target for tonight, the fighters use radar to see and stalk you bomber.( yes I know I the early campaigns some don't use it, and spotting your opponent is crucial). Bomber command tended to operated in no moon or dark moon periods for their campaign. rarely operating under the bombers moon. there are exceptions where they went to Peenemunde 17 august 1943 to wreck the V weapons site their caused heavy damage in a precision raid and lost fourty bombers. I played target of tonight more frequently. target for today, so my first mission played today. sept 20 2020. I thought id do what the new 8th usaaf did and go to Rouen operating a b17e in the optional formation. I found the game easy to play and understand, the german fighters coming in wave, often beaten off by the good fighter escort. ( the original mission lead by Tibbets of Hiroshima fame, was 12 b17s escorted by 200 spitfires) so my mission reflected that very well. Some fighters did arrive but were chased off or dealth with by my own gunners. my b17 returned to grafton underwood without of scratch of damade having put 65% of it load on marshalling yards their. The game flowed very well, took me a little time to find to play procedure on the back of the tables book. ( in target of tonight its separate and there for easier to consult) I guess a later designed game but ill photo copy it for future reference. So on both games capture the war and what both airforces were trying to do. A friend of mine in fun said what about the Avro Manchester, so I've considered how to simulate that bomber and its shocking unreliability. a two engine lanc with an 8 % chance of mechanical failure seem sto work very well. luckily only 200 were made and most of the order became Manchester III ( or Lancasters). So thank you for these wonderful games. On a secondary note if you are in UK, visit East Kirkby and support Just Jane. A Lancaster MkVII they are returning to flight. Does regular taxi runs and for many in is the closest you will get to a world war 2 Bomber. Yes you can sit and ride in her on a 5 group airfield. so yes do buy these games they are exellent

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    The Sky is the Limit!

    Posted by GARY BRINSON on Sep 9th 2020

    The game's depth and detail makes for a very satisfying solo experience with a very rich historical narrative as your overlay. The component's are perfect and I was very happy to see the continuation of the mounted battle board! I applaud the efforts of the designers in what is a fantastic upgrade to the original game (which I still own) and to the publishers for a truly great product! Thanks!

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    Great Game

    Posted by DAVID WARREN on Aug 5th 2020

    My first Air War Board Game and,I must say,have not been disappointed.Just a blast to play and so realistic.

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    Delightful game - be careful with counters!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 22nd 2020

    We've all heard the "Queen of the Skies" references. While I've never played that grand old game I can say that TfT is delightful in the extreme! Highly engaging and immersive, this game offers countless opportunities for replay. Some may lament at the "lack of decisions" that you're offered. Play it again, I say and let that experience show you if your decisions matter. You may be surprised! One thing - the counters need a bit more care than others when removing them from the sprue - while not as bad as some it is the one part of the production of this game that... you just need to be aware of. With proper care things are FINE. Be fussy and patient - your future TfT plays will reward you for it.

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    A Worthy Successor and Improvement to "Queen of the Skies"

    Posted by Mark Buetow on Jun 3rd 2020

    I really loved playing B-17 Queen of the Skies as kid and still enjoy it today but this is a worthy upgrade and improvement. The variety of bomber types, bigger lists of targets, and the fun optional but flavorful tables (like damage to enemy aircraft) make this a more detailed and exciting game to play. Enjoying it very much!