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As many of you know, the Legion Wargames/Limey Yank Games partnership allowed us to offer lower shipping costs for our EU/UK customers. Unfortunately given all the recent changes, Brexit, tariffs, ever increasing shipping costs outside the US, etc., we have made the difficult decision to suspend EU/UK-Friendly shipping and begin shipping games from the US. However, I will continue to explore other options and if I find one suitable to our business you will be the first to know.

LWG appreciates every EU/UK-residing Legionnaire who has ordered directly from us. Thank you! We also value our long-term relationships with the following EU/UK retailers and offer them as an alternative (list will be updated):

France: Germany: United Kingdom:
Just Released!. Special Release Price $57.00 (retail price $76.00).

Heart of Darkness
An Adventure Game of African Exploration

This is a game of adventure and exploration set in the mid-19th century where you, together with up to four other players, venture into deepest Africa. Your journey is financed by a major newspaper and publisher back home, and they expect you to bring home fantastic stories that they can publish. Your expedition consists of you, armed askaris, and porters that carry food and gifts. There will be occasional local guides and goats to keep you company. The quest is to trek into what is unknown to you. You will interact with people that you meet, while searching for the myths and legends that are said to exist somewhere in Africa. To walk the land among people that might not appreciate your presence, to face hunger and predators, and to reveal what perhaps should remain hidden is dangerous. Not only are the lives of your expedition at stake, but your sanity as well.
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