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As many of you know, the Legion Wargames/ Limey Yank Games partnership allowed us to offer low shipping costs for LWG games within the EU.

Given the complexities and many unknowns from Brexit (and the imposition of a tariff on games imported to the EU from the US), we have made the difficult decision to suspend EU friendly shipping. UK friendly shipping remains the same.

  • For UK customers the shipping prices shown are the cost to ship the game from the US to the UK customer via Limey Yank Games, and includes the VAT which is paid upon import into the UK.
  • For EU customers the shipping prices shown are the cost to ship the game from the US to the EU customer. Any VAT, tariff, or additional fees may apply and are the responsibility of the customer. If you have any questions email us at:
LWG appreciates every EU-residing Legionnaire who has and may continue to order directly from us; however, we also value our long-term relationships with the following EU distributors and offer them as an alternative (list will be updated):

France: Germany:
Just Released!. Special Release Price $50.00 (retail price $68.00).

Decisive Victory 1918 - Volume I

Decisive Victory 1918 is a series of three games that when combined will cover the entire Allied offensive in July of 1918 know as the Second Battle of the Marne. It is significant for a number of reasons; it was the first time that the French army used a large-scale attack with tanks supported by a surprise (i.e. not pre-registered) artillery bombardment, similar to the British attack the previous year at Cambrai, and it was the first time that full-size US divisions went on the offensive incorporated in the French army. It was not known at the time, although suspected by many, that this battle was the death-knell of the German army.
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