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By the time of the invasion of Okinawa in April 1945, the US Navy devised a plan to help ward off the expected kamikaze attacks during the battle for the island. In order to provide an early warning system for impending kamikaze attacks, the US Navy established 16 radar picket stations around the island Picket Duty is a solitaire game where you - as the captain of a Fletcher Class destroyer - fend off kamikaze attacks while performing picket duty off Okinawa. The game covers the time period from late March 1945 to late June 1945. Your goal is simple - survive. The game comes with a basic game, advanced game, six historical scenarios, two hypothetical scenarios, a mini-campaign and a full campaign. Optional rules are also included. Each game turn is divided into three phases, each depicting an eight hour period. Key crew members are depicted with certain functions, as well as damage control teams. 35 types of Japanese planes are depicted on whopping 1.2" square counters . Game features include: Weather - Damage Control - Ammo and Fuel Consumption - Ship Trim and Listing - Land and Ship Radar - Air and Surface Fire Support - Ohka attacks, and more.


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    Picket Duty

    Posted by Hunter on Dec 5th 2023

    A fun narrative solitaire game. This game is fun and the campaign game is exciting. Pretty random its similar to a Greg Smith game. If you like those you will probably like this.

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    4 stars because of the paper map

    Posted by Jayson Garcia on Jan 5th 2022

    This game is simply amazing. The flow with the charts is so simple and intuitive is just fun and fun. This is a great mix between war games with dice and those with tons of charts. Here is the best of both worlds. The only thing I dont like is the map which is paper. I want to love it but it is fragile and needs to be laminated or put under a clear desk mat. If it was mounted on board this game would have been 10 stars easily.

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    Picket Duty is Awesome!

    Posted by Jeffrey H on May 7th 2020

    Wow, what a great game! The attention to detail in this game is awesome. It covers a lot of aspects of the ship yet it doesn't feel overwhelming. There are tons of Japanese aircraft types. Tons! I love WWII history especially the Pacific theater and there are planes included in this game that I haven't heard of before. Granted, some are variants of the known ones but nonetheless it was a pleasant surprise to see them represented in this game. This game is historically accurate and very fun to play! There are a lot of charts and die rolls but what's wrong with that! The charts are organized by the sequence of play so it doesn't seem burdensome. I highly recommend this game! I'm glad a friend told me about it. I will be playing this game a lot.

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    excellent game system

    Posted by Unknown on May 30th 2019

    Since I thoroughly enjoy Today’s Target, I wanted to try Picket Duty. The system is very similar and makes for an excellent solitaire game recreating the drama and excitement of the destroyers around Okinawa and their constant struggle against Kamikazes. It took a few games to get up to speed with the number of tables and special circumstances but the action and suspense are excellent. Very good system!

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    A Sim Well Worth the Time

    Posted by B. H. Lindsey on Nov 13th 2018

    I just finished my first-ever playthrough and, although my tour ended in failure, the game is an unqualified success, IMO. The game is tense; in fact, it's downright hairy. I had a lot of moments when my choices led me to a die roll to determine whether or no my tactical decisions were the right ones, and you *feel* those rolls. Fighting your ship effectively and getting your crew home at the end of it all requires some real intelligence and careful allocation of defensive force, including trying to compensate for weaknesses among your personnel. And, you will learn to dread the Japanese word "Kikusui."

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    Picket Duty - 2nd Edition

    Posted by Jim Rose on May 19th 2018

    Could n ot wait to get my hands on this game. With the 2nd Edition rules "update/re-write" I am really looking forward to getting this on the table. Another winner from Steve Dixon.

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    Destroyer on station!

    Posted by Wayne on Mar 31st 2018

    A fantastic, narrative driven wargame! Name your ship, name your officers, then hit the water around Okinawa and hold off those Japanese planes long enough to make the invasion of Okinawa a success. A lot of dice rolling, but there's nothing wrong with that now is there? Don't get overwhelmed by the charts and rules, this one is easy enough to pick up once you start playing. If you like games like B-17 Queen of the Skies, then check out Picket Duty!

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    Okinawa Inbond Bandits

    Posted by Hermann on Mar 20th 2018

    Being a former Navy man, The game is very close to how a present day DD would respond to an aircraft attack. The game is somewhat time consuming. However, the realism is worth the time and effort.

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    Outstanding Game

    Posted by Mike on Mar 19th 2018

    An enjoyable game. The decisions you have to make during the turn are what make it fun.