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Maori Wars

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Maori Wars is a simulation of the principal uprisings that took place between 1845 and 1872 due to British colonial incursions into native Maori lands on the North Island of New Zealand. Conflict involved the destruction of numerous villages, pas (strongly fortified villages that featured intricate trench-works) and colonial settlements. The war introduced the British to a wily well-armed enemy whose defense works and strategy of ambush surprised and stymied them. As scenarios progress so does the extent of the conflict. More British regulars, native born Australian troops and New Zealand militia enter and are allied with increasingly more tribes who tend to change sides at the most inopportune times (those supporting the British came to be known as Queenites). Historical scenarios feature low counter density, quick play time (under two hours), and features a novel bush-raiding rule that allows the Maori player to move units temporarily off the map and then back in a location of his choice. As the British player gains experience he learns to track these tribes. At which point he enters and battles these units in the bush. Maori resistance is dependent on village support so as fortified villages fall to British control, resistance melts away. Random battle dispatches reflect historical circumstances. Events such as: SEEK PEACE, NEW RELIGION, and CONCERNED TRIBES force players to deal with new and developing crises. The English may build forts but are penalized for fort-building as they historically caused local uprisings. Canoes and gunboats allow rapid transport and in the case of gunboats waterborne artillery support. Standard British artillery and cavalry are introduced but play only a minor supporting role. Terrain and knowledge of the terrain is the Maori’s secret weapon. Relative troop strength is designed to allow the possibility of historical outcomes not the proportionate historical strength. The overwhelming British superiority of men and firepower made the successes of the Maori forces all the more remarkable

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Review: Maori Wars from Legion Wargames - The Players' Aid 29:23

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  1. well done 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 11th 2020

    My brother in law loves it. It was a gift for him and he’s a history teacher!

  2. Maori Wars - well worth a look 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 9th 2018

    This is my second Legion War-games buy and I am so glad I secured a copy. A sensitive treatment of a subject rarely visited (I am Australian, not a Kiwi), hats off to the American developer. The map is beautiful. The counters take a moment to comprehend, but their authenticity does credit to the research behind the game (yes, British Empire troops did really wear hats like that once). This is an 'Imperium Romanum' style treatment of the Maori Wars - i.e. a series of scenarios - rather than a game that has a campaign setting that runs the entire length the conflict, so it is not 'The Thirty Years War' Maori style; but the lack of a conflict long grand campaign scenario is the only disappointment I have with the game. The 'raid' mechanics and how that works is extremely clever and provides enormous insight into how to develop similar mechanics for other games that include insurgency style interactions when regular forces deploy. How the constabulary function is clever too, as is the interaction between how regular forces, militia, local and hostile indigenous tribes fight and manoeuvre. The firepower rules and the assets portrayed are another novel design feature I suspect future game developers may emulate. The quality in manufacturing that appears to be a Legion War-games hallmark is in this game too. All in all, 'Maori Wars' is one to secure for the war game room. (disclosure: I am not an employee of Legion war-games, have no shares in the company, know no one involved in the design of this game and was not paid to write this endorsement)

  3. Great topic, great quality! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 25th 2018

    I haven't played the game yet but kudos to Legion Wargames for addressing such an interesting and unknown topic! The quality of the components is also very high - the map is particularly gorgeous :)

  4. Another great game from Legion 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 23rd 2018

    Maori Wars is one of the best looking games I own, seriously great work from the artist(s) on this one. I've found Legion Wargames to be some of the best produced games on the market today.

    The subject matter is unique, and I find it to be portrayed well in this game. The rulebook is light, the counter density is low, but there's a lot of fun stuff going on in the game. It's a perfect introductory wargame, or great if you're in the mood for something quick and fun.

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