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The Great Game

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The Great Game
Rival Empires in Central Asia 1837-1886
game design byJohn Gorkowski

The Great Game recreates the 19th Century Anglo-Russian struggle for supremacy in Central Asia. In the actual contest, Tsarist Russia resented British expeditions into the Steppe Khanates while Victorian Britain feared that Russian entreaties to Persia and Afghanistan would jeopardize India's security. So the two imperial powers wove a complex tale of diplomatic intrigue, colonial conquest and proxy wars that spanned 50 years.

The Great Game is a card driven game (CDG), where players alternate moving officers (historical personalities) and troops across a point-to-point map of Central Asia in decade turns. Imperial powers strive to enlist vassal states such as Afghanistan and Bokhara into their camp through diplomacy or combat so an engaging game of move-counter move unfolds across the chessboard of Central Asia.

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  1. A Most Original Game 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 5th 2018

    John Gorkowski’s outstanding simulation of the Anglo-Russian struggle for dominance in central Asia truly lives up to its name.
    While the great power contest spanned six decades, players need only two-three hours to complete the Great Game. The rules are straight-forward and easily learned, and the event cards that help drive the game are equally clear. The map leaves nothing to interpretation and, along with the other game components, lives up to Legion War Game’s exceptionally high quality.
    Each decade starts with players receiving seven cards. These cards have a number and contain either an event or a diplomatic countermove, and opponents play one card on each of the five rounds that constitute a decade. Players may also receive leaders who can influence combat and/or diplomacy at the start of each decade.
    A player can ignore the card’s associated event to receive reinforcements equal to its number at the cost of taking no other action that round. Conversely, the player can put the event into effect, some of which benefit the player while others damage the opponent, sometimes with devastating results. Then the player can march units based on the card’s number.
    Several cards may be played to counter diplomatic efforts such as an enemy mission to make one of the Asian kingdoms into a vassal state or attempts to reveal what cards you are holding. Players conducting diplomacy and espionage as well as counter-espionage and -diplomacy must use an officer of which there are few. Failure results in the loss of the officer involved.
    Replayability is 100% due to the vagaries of a deck that gets reshuffled each decade. And while each game brings one greater strategic and tactical insights, Clausewitz gets the last laugh because chance ensures the next game will be much different than the last.

  2. The Great Game is a great game! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 1st 2018

    Great way to simulate this conflict, great map, great playing pieces, well laid out rules and a quick flow to the game. This is how card driven games should be.

  3. Interesting topic 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 14th 2018

    This is the first Legion Wargame I purchase. I was impressed with the quality of the components. The rules are are short and simple and the game appears to flow easily. The game can be completed in a single session, which is a plus.

  4. Balanced Game System 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 14th 2018

    A clean, elegant game system that hits the sweet spot between playability and historical realism. I also like the large counters and spacious area map.

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